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Courtney Marie.

I help female entrepreneurs burn fat and tone up for more energy, focus and confidence in their business.

Are you tired of not being able to show up 100% confident in your business?

I'm here to help you transform your mind/body to be able to attract more clients, earn more money, be more productive and still have time and energy for yourself.



Customized plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle with unlimited one-on-one support to help make health and fitness FIT in your BUSY schedule.

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"Before working with Courtney, I couldn’t even get up the stairs without feeling winded. After 8 months I lost 50 pounds, got off my blood pressure medication and had more energy to play with my kids! This girl knows her stuff!"


"Courtney is very passionate in what she does and genuinely cares about you. She’ll tell you straight up what you need to do and push you, but she also tailors it to what you like and don’t like."


"I had been struggling with my weight for a few months. I would lose weight and gain weight all the time. When I started working with Courtney, I was able to lose 17 lbs in 2 months and I kept it off! I couldn’t believe it! I was able to lose the weight I wanted and still enjoy the foods I loved."


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Certifications: NCCPT | TRX | CPR | PN1

Fat Loss

Weight Loss

Muscle Gain

Body Confidence

TRX Training

Strength Training

 Gut Health




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