Burn Fat, Tone Up & Ditch Diets for Good!

90 Day Customized Blueprint to reach your health and fitness goals, show up more CONFIDENT and get more done!

Your business can't thrive until you're health does.


Are You Tired Of:

feeling like your health has to be sacrificed in order for your business to grow?

spending hours in the gym or kitchen to achieve the body + confidence you want?

not knowing how to stay consistent with a busy schedule?

having low energy + lack of focus block you from living your ideal lifestyle?



..you were able to get more done throughout the day and still have the time and energy for you!

..you're health and fitness was so automated into your lifestyle you didn't have to think about it!

..you were able to put on a swimsuit, look in the mirror and feel confident and sexy!

..you were able to enjoy food without feeling guilty!


What is FIT180?

FIT180 is a 90 day customized blueprint that gives you 1:1 coaching and support to help you achieve your goals in a way that FITS your BUSY schedule.

I don't believe in diets and there is no one size fits all. This program is not a quick fix.

The best diet is one that fits your lifestyle and is sustainable for you.

I'm here to help and teach you how to make health and fitness FIT for YOU to get lasting results.

We'll be working together to create healthy habits that fit your lifestyle to give you a complete 180 TRANSFORMATION.

What Women Are Saying


This is for you if you:


  • Want to burn fat, tone up, gain more energy, feel more confident and be more productive in your business but you don't know where to start.
  • Are so busy and overwhelmed, you skip breakfast or lunch only to find yourself eating an entire bag of chips around dinner time or ordering out so you can continue to work on your business.
  • Feel resentful because you're not seeing the results you want and your personal goals have taken a back seat due to your business.
  • Want to set a good example for your clients and feel like everything looks great on the outside, but really, you're struggling with bloating, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, stress, anxiety, and so much more.



  • Work a 9-5 job and want to lose 10-20 lbs but don't know what to do or how to make time to go to the gym or make healthy meals.

  • Have tried every diet out there and just want sustainable results without having to restrict yourself from living your life!
  • Have worked all day and can't even force yourself to make a healthy meal or go the gym because you're mentally and physically exhausted.
  • Struggle with bloating, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, stress, anxiety, back pain, neck pain, and just want to feel HEALTHY.

What's Included

  • Customized workout plan
  • Customized nutrition coaching & guidance
  • Weekly recipes & grocery lists (150+ recipes)
  • Weekly 1:1 support calls / check-ins
  • UNLIMITED messenger support
  • Free access to my Fitness App to view your workouts, track your progress, check-in and ask me questions 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 12 weeks of trainings, tools and resources to help you stay on track


My name is Courtney Marie and I'll be your coach for the next 90 days.

Based on 3 Pillars for Sustainable Results

Together, we'll focus on three pillars to create healthy habits for your lifestyle.




Why I'm Different

I know what it's like to want to reach your full potential. To be successful, look successful and feel successful in all areas of your life.

Most coaches or programs try to force health and fitness into your life regardless of your wants, likes, dislikes or lifestyle.

I know what it's like to have the "9-5" or own a business while trying to fit the gym or cooking routine into your schedule, however it doesn't happen because life gets in the way.

Eventually, you start to feel guilty and ashamed that you've put your health on the back-burner when in reality you want it a part of your life.

What makes me different is I've been in your shoes, I know what it takes and I know how to help you be successful!

Not only have I been there, but I also have the background knowledge of fitness and nutrition to help you get there.

I don't support diets or quick fixes.
I don't support counting calories or IIFYM.
I teach you how to make fitness FIT for YOU.
I teach you how to create healthy habits to build a healthy routine.

I took everything I've learned, which took me years, and I've combined it into an easy 5 step process to get you results that LAST so you never have to go looking for another diet program again!

With my help you'll be able to...


  • Learn how to eat healthy without restricting your favorite foods
  • Be more PRODUCTIVE on a daily basis
  • Learn how to make health + fitness FIT for YOU
  • Overcome obstacles like cravings, eating out, binge eating, traveling and so much more
  • Learn how to create healthy habits to build a healthy routine around your lifestyle


"I lost 16.5 inches overall which is amazing, along with 5 pounds and 2% body fat. My energy has been great and I even became a morning workout person thanks to her help. I no longer have brain fog and hard end of day energy crashes. Although I've seen results when it comes to my size and weight, those are just bonuses compared to what I've overcome with my mindset towards nutrition and exercise. I no longer have those negative voices barking at me telling me I'm not good enough and my relationship with food is no longer toxic. It took hard work, some tears, and pushing buttons getting to this point mentally, but it was absolutely worth it."


"I looked into using Courtney to help me get on track with my fitness goals and health. I had been doing diets on and off for a good year or more and felt like nothing would ever change. Since I started working with Courtney she has taught me so much about ME and what I can do. I have learned what foods to eat without having to starve myself or without having to stay away from a lot of the foods I love. Courtney has taught me how to plan both meals and workouts and it has changed my way of thinking of health and fitness tremendously. She has made it into a lifestyle for me now."


"I have more energy, I feel stronger, I can balance my meals and am able to make healthier choices. I never realized how unhappy I was with my image until I took those before pictures. Small changes that make a big difference and don’t make it feel overwhelming is what this program is all about! Thank you so much Courtney, if you hadn’t given me this push I would have probably never taken this journey."


"Courtney helped me have my “aha moment” through her insight and encouragement that shifted my mindset. It was exciting because she understood how I could overcome the barriers, which were mostly mental. Her coaching style was ideal for me, as I realized I am a person who needs accountability. She was always available to answer questions and to check in with me about my progress. I highly recommend Courtney as a health and fitness coach because she knows what it takes to be successful and she looks at health from a holistic viewpoint, which is the best way to have sustainable results. "


Are you ready to start making health and fitness FIT for YOU?


My Journey

-5 jean sizes

Healed my relationship with food and my body

Gained control over binge eating

No more headaches, acne, bloat, fatigue or chronic constipation

6 Months

-11 lbs 

-31 inches 

-9% body fat 

-4 jean sizes

Gained more clarity and healed her relationship with food

Gained more energy and confidence

3 Months

-15 lbs 

-16.5 inches 

-3 jean sizes

Able to fit health and fitness into her busy schedule

Was able to build a healthy routine for her and her family

6 Weeks

-4 lbs 

-6 inches 

No more cravings or brain fog

Able to build healthy balanced meals

Frequently Asked Questions

I truly believe that it takes at least 6 months to make this a LIFESTYLE.

That is why I've split FIT180 into two phases. Phase I is all about transforming your mind and body. Phase II teaches you how to accelerate your results and make these habits stick!

We'll start you out in Phase I and if we both feel that you need/want to continue onto Phase II, then we will discuss that towards the end of your first 90 days.

  • Customized workout plan
  • Customized nutrition coaching & guidance
  • Weekly recipes & grocery lists (150+ recipes)
  • Weekly 1:1 support calls / check-ins
  • Unlimited messenger support
  • Free access to my Fitness App to view your workouts, track your progress, check-in and ask me questions 
  • Lifetime access to 12 weeks of trainings, tools and resources to help you stay on track (updates included)

The individual coaching calls will be 30-45 minutes. Each week will be depending on what you need support on.

Each video is 5-20 minutes long. I would plan for 2 hours per week to go through the videos + our call together.

Fully customized

Tailored to your goals and lifestyle

30-60 minutes based on your goal and schedule

At home or gym workouts

Variety based on your likes/dislikes

Easily accessible through a Fitness App

Fun and Sustainable!

Yes, we can discuss payment plan options together to see what works best for you.


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