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What's The Best Diet?

nutrition Nov 19, 2018

I hear so many people ask, What’s the best diet?

Or I’ll hear this one too, “Suzy’s vegan and she’s super healthy, I think I’m going to try vegan..”

That’s how the diet industry thrives is that it works for one person and has a ripple effect.

When we want to lose weight, our first thought is to find someone who has lost weight and do what they’re doing or we ask the question, should I do vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb, high carb, fasting, should I eat breakfast or should I not?

With so much information out there, I mean how are you supposed to know?

Let’s say the perfect diet is the paleo diet. It’s great, you have lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. But someone said you can get cancer from eating meat.

Okay, so let’s try the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, potatoes, whole grains, breads, herbs, spices, fish, seafood and extra virgin olive oil, that sounds...

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Are Meal Plans the Solution?

nutrition Nov 05, 2018

I get this question a lot, “Do I get a meal plan or can you just give me a meal plan?”.

My answer is always, no (in a nice way).

We’ve been taught that meal plans are the way to go and are a part of every fitness regimen.

“If you want to lose weight, you need a meal plan.”

But what if I told you that meal plans might do more harm than good?

I remember when I first started my health and fitness journey, the first thing I looked for what a workout plan and a meal plan. Once I found that, then I would be good, right?

I remember when I got the plan and looked at the food I instantly thought, “This is all I can eat?!”

Eat this exact thing, in this exact amount, at this exact time.

But then I told myself, “Well if this is what people do to lose weight than it must be the only way”.

A few weeks into it, maybe even one, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stick to the same food everyday or every other day. So I thought of myself as...

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4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

nutrition Oct 29, 2018

We all hate fat. Some of us don’t even want to talk about it. Don’t bring up the F word!

Before I go on, I do want you to know that some fat is healthy for our body. It needs a little meat to hang on to in order to function properly.

It’s when it gets to be too much fat that we need to be more concerned, especially around our midsection.

Did you know that excess belly fat can actually lead to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease?

Most of us focus on how we want to look, which is fine but that only gets us so far.

We don’t really think about our “health” until it’s too late or we know someone who had a health scare.

I could tell you that excess belly fat can lead to health risks and all that like I just mentioned above, but how would you react?

 You’d probably consider your health for maybe the next few minutes or hours but go right back to your old habits putting it off to the side.

Or you’d probably be like me...

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What is Gluten-Free? What Are The Benefits? What Are The Downsides?

nutrition Oct 22, 2018

I hear this a lot, “I went gluten-free and lost weight, that must be it!

How many times have you heard this or even experienced this yourself?

I see so many people try one thing, see success and think that that’s the answer or solution they’ve been looking for. So they cut it out completely and don’t change anything else.

Before I explain what gluten-free is and who can benefit from going gluten-free, I want to emphasize the importance of whole food nutrition first.

Anyone can find a diet trend, try it and see results but we all want sustainable results, right?

So how do you get there?

No matter what you do or try, it will always come back to your nutrition, “you are what you eat”.

Personally, I teach and follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, you should be eating clean whole foods and 20% of the time can be your fun foods.

I see so many of my clients and myself get sustainable results by using this rule or guideline I should say,...

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Is it Better to Workout in the Morning or Evening?

fitness Jul 09, 2018

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Should I workout in the morning or evening?”.

There’s lots of benefits to both working out in the morning and working out in the evening. So what is the benefit of both?


A lot of people choose to work out in the morning for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you’re able to get your workout out of the way and not have any excuses later in the day.

Not only will you walk away more energized but you will find yourself more focused and energized for work for the rest of the day.

On top of that, those who work out in the morning tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day.

It’s also shown that working out in the morning boosts your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

And who doesn’t love a good night's sleep? Well working out will help you get that.

It helps your body power down in the evening and can even lower your blood pressure, allowing...

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My Transformation Story: From Size 29 to 26!


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to lose weight..and you just want to give up?

I tried just about every diet, detox, cleanse and workout program there was when I first started my health and fitness journey. I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to lose weight and was tired of how I looked in the mirror. What frustrated me was the fact that I would lose weight and gain it right back. 

Throughout high school I was always active and didn't really know much about nutrition. I hated lifting or working out (ironic now that I'm a Health and Fitness Coach).

I kid you not, I was in every sport except track: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Dance and Cheerleading. So you'd probably think since I did sports, I was fit and "skinny". Sure, maybe I was fit, but when all the others girls were a size 23-25, I was wearing a size 29 maybe even 30 jeans if I remember right.

When I got to college, I wasn't as active and didn't have any knowledge of how to lose...

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How to Balance Life and Your Personal Health & Fitness Goals

I’ve done the full-time college student, part-time work thing. I’ve done the full-time job, full-time entrepreneur thing. I’ve been through it all, well, except being a mom. The only thing that comes close to that is working with clients who are full-time moms with full-time jobs, who I give mad props to!

So how do you manage it all plus find the time to take care of yourself mentally and physically?!

I hate to sound cliche, but I truly believe that we all have the time to make it happen if we reallllyyyy want it. I’m not just saying that to say it. It’s true! But how do we make it happen?

First off, I want you to ask yourself what is it that you want to accomplish?

Are you just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to lose 10 lbs? Do you want more energy? What is it?

I then want you to ask yourself, why?

Why do you want to accomplish this goal? How will it make you feel? Can you picture this happening?

Now you have to ask yourself, what...

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10 Healthy Snacks for the Summer

nutrition May 14, 2018

Summer is almost here! Time for vacations, fun activities, fun foods and drinks. Wow that went by so fast, anyone agree?!

With so many fun summer activities it can be hard to stay on track and eat healthy. So here's some healthy snacks to keep in mind when you're on the go!

Fruit Salad:

High Intake of Antioxidants - protecting our bodies from aging and diseases

Increase of vitamins (boost energy), minerals and fiber

Mainly consists of water - which means little caloric intake - helping us to keep our weight in the goal range

Helps us to have healthy skin and hair


These amazing foods are high in protein, minerals, healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and keep us satiated for longer periods of time

Antioxidants help us control free radicals - combating oxidative stress - so that stress cannot harm our cells

Help promote weight loss

Help lower cholesterol and Triglycerides

Help reduce inflammation and are a good source of fiber



It is...

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How to Stay Motivated

fitness May 07, 2018

While getting past your fear of the gym is fairly easy, finding the motivation to go on a consistent basis is a whole other ballgame.

Did you know that it takes 21 days on average to form a habit? That’s about a month of going to the gym. Luckily, there are ways to stay motivated and keep you on track.

Plan Ahead

Whenever I plan out my week, I feel at ease that I can just follow what I wrote down. If I write out which days I'm going to workout, it's that much harder for me to back out because I've planned my whole day already. 

Try writing out which days you're going to workout and what you're going to do for that workout.

If I know I'm doing yoga on Monday at 9:30 am. It's set in stone. I can't really make an excuse and I've taken the anxiety part out of the equation.

Write how you feel after you work out

Let’s be real for a second, getting to the gym is the hardest part but once you’ve started and you get in the groove of things, you will feel refreshed...

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How to Overcome Your Fear of the Gym

fitness Apr 30, 2018

So you’ve made the decision to go to the gym and work on bettering yourself but you’re not really sure where to start. You feel like everyone is going to judge you while they sit and stare at themselves in the mirror while deadlifting 250 pounds.

The weight machines are foreign to you and there are all sorts of rules. All of these things can be extremely intimidating for someone that is just getting started.

So how do you get over that fear and intimidation?

Compare gyms before joining

Not every gym is the same. For example, Planet Fitness is not only extremely affordable but they pride themselves in no gym intimidation.

Look at the times the gym is open, the type of equipment they offer, and the classes you can take. In fact, most gyms allow you to tour them before you sign the contract so go in and look at a few, see what kind of vibe you get.

Avoid peak hours

When you first start going, go at all different times of the day if possible with your schedule. This will...

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